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The Story

The Story

War has ravaged the world. Nations are fighting amongst themselves and with other nations, some for power, some for peace and some for greed. No one knows what anyone else is fighting for but they know that they too have to fight to survive.


North and South America has been united under a single flag amidst civil unrest as generals opposing the leadership try to gain control over their country. Alliances were formed with other countries to fight common enemies within and outside of America to gain power and wealth to achieve their own selfish aims.

This once major global super power has been reduced to ashes, torn between civil war and global order. The unity of America appears to have caused more problems than it solved. As a result, America has lost all allies as a result of it's own inability to manage it's own citizens.


Russia has conquered Europe, launching a surprise attack and destroying the British army with relative ease. Any other resistance from other countries who refused to join in the Russian dictatorship were consequently annihilated. The remaining survivors of the once Great Britain retreated to Oceania, relying on their closest allies for protection from hostile forces.

The great dictator and leader of the Russian occupation, Saadak Shvak, was recently assassinated leaving Europe without a respected leader. War broke out between rival nations as ordinary people fought for the dictatorship and for ultimate power over the European lands.


This once peaceful nation was forced into the war as a result of welcoming and defending survivors of the European occupation. Little did they know that their British counterparts were planning revenge against their greatest enemy in Europe. Rival groups seeking either peace or revenge fought their Oceanic saviours to gain enough power to launch an offensive against their enemies. They will destroy any country who gets in the way of their goals.


Fear of invasion from the European forces and the power greedy Americans forced Asia to unite under one flag. Many were against this unity and despite fighting to defend themselves from invaders, they also fought amongst themselves in protest over the unity and to break up the lands. Alliances with enemies were formed to help in the common cause of conquering the countries and the world.

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