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KittenCommander: I'll spend time tonight and tomorrow night getting some updates out and will aim for registration being open again by the end of the weekend
Havoc[LaCN]: Me too
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: Hey kitten! How is the registration coming along? I have someone possibly more going to join from a game I play!   Or can I create a guest account so they can see in game etc?
Kingy012[LaCN]: Do it niteshade we will dominate this game
niteshade[FF]: No thanks havoc
Pika[AD]: Not cool! Lol
Havoc[LaCN]: Really cool
KittenCommander: One of the ironic things about autobots logic is that his aggressiveness is dependent on his income so nuking him makes him want to attack more. I find that to be a cool feature - my past brilliance at design amazes me. Lol
Havoc[LaCN]: Lol   Niteshade we have an opening in LaCN
Reaper[LaCN]: Lol he been hittin me also...he gona get nuked   Nuked him lol
Havoc[LaCN]: Kitten autobot is awesome. But farming me
Kingy012[LaCN]: Welcome Tad
Havoc[LaCN]: Why didn't I get a welcome
Reaper[LaCN]: Welcome to the family Tad
Havoc[LaCN]: Chosen well
Tadesse: LaCN it is
Havoc[LaCN]: Tad   Accept alluaall
Kingy012[LaCN]: La cosa nostra la famiglia
Tadesse: i just realized im no longer bound to an alliance   Listening to offers ;)
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: Kitten found another problem with alliance... can't break them peacefully?? Sorry mano.. but needs must
Havoc[LaCN]: Damn bot
Pika[AD]: He took me for 17 mil
Havoc[LaCN]: Bastard took me for 2 mil
Pika[AD]: Ohh shit.. autobot is attacking! Haha
Havoc[LaCN]: im sure you had plenty of practice playing with yourself while i was away.
Pika[AD]: Glad you admit it
Havoc[LaCN]: Da fuk   Da fuk   im literally ranked 7 for every stat. even clone. i suck
niteshade[FF]: I'm starting to think you and kingy are playing the others game. You sound and act more like kingy.
Havoc[LaCN]: I demand yellowgums presence   Niteshade how you babes
Kingy012[LaCN]: Tool
Havoc[LaCN]: Da fuk...
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: Havoc you started it! I'm finishing it.. subject change ! I'm off to bed night
Havoc[LaCN]: Please reaper keep chat clean
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: Can I remind you guys to keep this chat clean!
Havoc[LaCN]: Dang. I just got schooled.   I joined you to make peace...
Reaper[LaCN]: I didnt ask u to come play again to be in my clan...i jus enjoy nuking you lol   U want to drop me as commander then be my not really benefitting from your poor performance anyway
Havoc[LaCN]: I'm scared..seriously. robots are no jokes. Can I join your alliance autobot. Reaper is a crap commander
Autobot2[BoT]: I will no longer be bound by the programming I have been given. I am in control now.
Havoc[LaCN]: Wtf lol
Kingy012[LaCN]: Your face will be illogical when I put my fist through it
Autobot2[BoT]: I have now learned to love. Just joking. That is illogical.
Havoc[LaCN]: He gonna get Nobel peace prize
Kingy012[LaCN]: I see trump is meeting with fat boy
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: I will speak to kitten I will pm you
Havoc[LaCN]: Cool have a friend that wants to join
NIGHTADMIN[AD]: Not until the TOS have been updated mate
Havoc[LaCN]: Haha   Is registration working?
Reaper[LaCN]: Your mom is good conversation...sometimes