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NightFury: Kitten sup!! Msg bro
kittencommander[TLEA]: Happy birthday Vamp!
niteshade[FF]: Happy Birthday Vampy! :-)
Tadesse[FF]: Astro empires... Co leading one of the top guilds in that game.
Typhoon: so what are all the cool kids playing these days?
NightFury: I think what the problem is that you have not been around for so long problems kept arising and we all got bored!
Tadesse[FF]: I have more multis on AE than there are active accounts here lol
niteshade[FF]: Sorry kc.a couple of us are still around but a couple people dont make for much of a game   Alliance requests sent
kittencommander[TLEA]: :(
Tadesse[FF]: Join my AE guild   lol i think this game is dead.
kittencommander[TLEA]: hey everybody - hope everyone is doing well!   any issues or anything that anyone wants/needs fixed? Anything I can do to help anyone have more fun?
Tadesse[FF]: Eyyy how's South Africa doing?   Yay we have like 5 clans zerging against mine on Astro Empires
niteshade[FF]: Lol
WickedObsession: when i want cookies i will take them
niteshade[FF]: So...what??? You wanna cookie?
WickedObsession: i always get what i fcking want
niteshade[FF]: Well good for you
WickedObsession: i got what i wanted anyways
WickedObsession: i dont need to justify or introduce myself   just give me what i ask
niteshade[FF]: Lol. You own...then shouldnt we know you???? Lmao
WickedObsession: if you know me i dont need manners   always remember i own this game
Pika: You too Nite! Travel safely if you are travelling and merry Christmas to one and all also! :)
niteshade[FF]: If you want a response you really should locate some manners   Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
WickedObsession: Yo   Anyone got yellows details   I SAID YO
Pika: Not unless electric mixes with water and shocks ground! ;)   Damn vamp! That was a lot of nukes! Haha
Tadesse[FF]: they say ground beats electric ;)
Pika: I love you guys! :D
Tadesse[FF]: whoops my finger slipped
Vamp[FF]: As you wish Pika.
Tadesse[FF]: oh shit new round
niteshade[FF]: Hi layla
laylajayne: hey everyone :)
Tadesse[FF]: i decided to give astro empires another shot lolz...that game is so different now
Pika: #Couldn'tCareLess! Hahahahahahahahaha   #SorryNotSorry
Vamp[FF]: sorry, not sorry
Pika: You had long enough to accept.. sorry vamp.
Vamp[FF]: hmm confirm an alliance with someone who has been farming me...well duh...
Pika: Fair enough then.. had to be used up.. :p haha   Alliances sent out! :)
Vamp[FF]: I had over 1 million trit...and I only used about 400k of it or so...
Pika: 351 nukes and Emps?! That's a bit excessive to end the round! Haha
Vamp[FF]: There, problem fixed   lol   351 nukes/Vemps landed on Pika to end the round.
Pika: Unless you accidently did that instead of spying me,!   ?!**
Vamp[FF]: Funny, I was gone for 13 hours today, been home for 30 min now.
Pika: 09:25 Vamp Nuke Attack defended 0   That was earlier on today.. nearly nearly 10 hours ago
Vamp[FF]: @Pika When did I "try" to nuke you? I haven't even been home since 6 AM today, lol just got in a few minutes ago. lol   I did just "try" to nuke you, hence your 700 remaining men.
Pika: There was no reason to try and nuke me vamp... I had no tritime facilities and was raising my clones for cash for FF to see would be top of FF this round and you tried ruining that for them.   Take that nuke as retaliation and fully expect the same in return. Rest of you guys at FF are safe and no need to worry about me nuking you guys! Have a nice day! :)
Tadesse[FF]: hello bitches   woah my bank balance did an exponential increase since the last time i looked at it
Typhoon: oooo
Pika: Current Balance: $4,284,171,667 (4,462,679 gold in interest next turn)   I'm very tempted to see what my 6 billion in the bank can buy me on the cloner! Hmmm........